THIS IS THE NEW STANDARD: REAL FOOD | cage-free | uncured | grass-fed | NO ANTIBIOTIC | organic | vEGETARIAN | VEGAN

Nic & Luc Scratch Kitchen is a breakfast and lunch concept created by chef Leroy Bautista located near Historic Downtown Longwood, FL. The food is fresh, healthy, and simply prepared. We believe in honest food made from whole, natural ingredients. Reducing the eco-footprint of food is important to us. That is why we source our ingredients from respected growers, producers and suppliers who share our values on ethical and sustainable farming. At Nic & Luc, you don’t have to think twice about thoughtful eating. We do it for you. 

We proudly serve our customers breakfast and lunch as well as fresh pastries, coffee, artisanal pantry and much more.

Experience the warmth and authenticity that is Nic & Luc Scratch Kitchen.

Recent Press

Miami New Times - December 8, 2016